Émile and his Glock

Émile and his Browning HP. NOTE: I think it's most likely a Browning HP and not a Glock.


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The most common weapons are Glocks, used by all of the members of the International Police. However, they sometimes carry Tasers or SIGs. Cassidy carries a tranquilliser gun used to knock perpetrators out. Émile has two ankle holsters that hold two SIG P229s or sometimes Mark XIX Desert Eagles. He also carries a Taser, which he has used twice, in chapters 39 and 43 - he rarely uses it - only to those that are resisting arrest; he also has a medieval replica longsword.


Name of weapon Chap. No(s). Wielder Notes
Glock 21 (and his extra, after chapter 40) Chapters 29, 31, 32, 41, 42, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 51, 54 Émile Given to Stan, however, he had an extra. He's lately used it to shoot down some Team Havoc poachers ("bastards"). The leader of Team Havoc, Tony, nearly knocked Émile out and he then stole his Glock. Émile later got it back and used it to kill him at the same time, along with Mitternacht.
Glock 21 Chapters 40, 47, 51 Stan Given to him by Émile, passed a test and became apart of the IP's team
Glock 21 Chapter 41, 51 Cassidy Even though it hasn't been mentioned, most of the IP team members carry Glock 21s
Glock 21 Chapter 42 Mitternacht Same as above
Glock 21 Chapter 41, 51 Rico Same as above, even though it's not shown, it is understood that he has one
Glock 21 Chapter 51 Jake Even though it's not called by its name, most members use them.
Glock 21 Chapter 51 Beau Same as above.
Glock 21 Chapter 51 Rachel Same as above.
Glock 21 Chapter 51 Tory Same as above.
Glock 21 Chapter 51 Marie Same as above.
Glock 21 Chapter 51 Jade Same as above.
Glock 21 Chapter 43 Roark Briefly given to him, it belonged to Jake (but in turn, given to Émile)
Glock 21 Chapter 43 Maylene Same as above
SIG P229 Chapter 31 Stan Briefly used in chapter 31, Émile taught everyone how to shoot a weapon, (Stan gave it back to him)
SIG P229 Chapter 31 Jasper Same as above
SIG P229 Chapter 31 Marie Same as above
SIG P229 Chapter 31 Jade Same as above
Taser Chapters 39, 43, and 54 Émile Only uses it on people that are resisting arrest
Unknown rifle Chapter 30 Several of New York Minute's Men Used to almost kill Émile and Rico
Tranquilliser gun Chapter 32 Cassidy Used to knock out Cyrus, Athena, Lance and Lambda
Unknown pistol Chapter 46 Team Havoc "bastard" (actually, a poacher) Nearly killed Astur
Beretta 8045 Cougar F Chapter 47 another Team Havoc "bastard" (actually, a poacher), handed to Stan Grazed Émile's side, causing him to bleed. Émile handed it to him, from the body of the dead poacher. He called it a "Beretta Cougar".
Browning HP Chapter 48 Émile Mentioned in a flashback.
Unknown rifle, most likely a SIG 522 Chapter 49 Mitternacht Killed Tony at the same time as Émile.
BB gun Chapter 50 Lucinda Shot Siôr in the arm for an unknown reason. Tory helped remove all of the BBs.
Unknown pistol Chapter 51 Used by the drug dealers Unknown as to what kind of pistols they were.
Mark XIX Desert Eagle Chapter 54 Émile Émile had it in one of his ankle holsters.

Bladed weapons

Name of weapon Chap. No(s). Wielder Notes
Medieval replica longsowrd 32 Émile Is briefly seen when Émile defends Stan, Marie and Jade. His father gave it to him for his birthday.
"Hunting" knife 47 Émile, given to Stan Unknown what its use is, he probably kept it to protect himself. Given to Stan, whom kept it.
Kitchen or steak knife? 49 an intruder's, however, Émile grabbed it from him Slashed Émile 7" (from umbilicus to waist), he grabbed it and started blindingly stabbing the person.


Name of weapon Chap. No(s). Wielder Notes
Grenade, most likely a M69 47 another Team Havoc "bastard" (actually, a poacher) Nearly killed everyone, luckily, they got out of the way.