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Vakoria is a small region in the middle of a long, distant mountain range. The main feature is a dormant volcano with a lake in the crater. Large numbers of Fire Pokémon still reside in the volcano itself, many of them around the pools of magma found underground, while various types of Water Pokémon have found homes in the lake. The west of Vakoria is quite heavily wooded, and is home to many Grass and Bug types. The east of Vakoria is largely mountainous. It is separated from the rest of the region by a river, and is accessible only by boat.

Vakoria has only one large town - Jakatoa, where about 250,000 people live. Jakatoa is known primarily for its beautiful public gardens, which draw tourists from all of the surrounding regions. They feature spectacular cascading fountains, as well as numerous Pokémon statues.


Vakoria became an independent region on October 13, 1964.

List of locationsEdit

Jakatoa (Capital city)
Western Woodlands
Crystal Cave
Public gardens
Luigi Rossini's Pizzeria
Pippi's Pizzeria

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