Franchise Title Or idea Main pairing (if there is one)
Pokémon None No ideas yet ShiverMeTimbersShipping
Pokémon Simplicity No ideas yet Belle x Cheren
Pokémon Equidae René Perry studying Shimama/Zeburaika. René x Macy (ScientificShipping?)
Pokémon Bertha Bertha a child. Bertha x Siôr
Pokémon None or either in Endangered A story with Natsuya ObliviaShipping?
Pokémon Voices of the Angels A story about Khoury and Lyra showing their true love JohtofestaShipping
Pokémon FrenchShipping A story about Juan and Fantina falling in love FrenchShipping
Pokémon Elite A story about the Hoenn Elite Four SeiryuuShipping and DevilShipping (possibly some VentShipping)
Pokémon Frei wie eine Taube Random one-shots of Lucas and Marley VyktoreeShipping
Pokémon None A story with Jasmine SpiritShipping?
Pokémon None A story with Janine MindScrewShipping?
Pokémon None A story with Gardenia VerdantRoseradeShipping?
Pokémon Extrasensory A story with a Pokémorph Noctowl Noctowl Pokémorph x Swellow Pokémorph

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