Tate Elek Williams Story stats:
Quote: --
Age: 21 (in 2010), (18 in PetraShipping, nearly 19)
Height/Weight: 5'9"/170 lbs.
Ancestry: English, Irish, Greek, Australian [1], American, Canadian, etc.
Accent: Mostly English, slightly American
Birthday: October 12, 1989
Nature: Quirky
Zodiac: --
Main character in: PetraShipping
Also appears in: Stanford (briefly) and unknown chapters of Lucian, M.D.
Relatives: Many, see text
As an astronomer:
Education: Sophomore in college
City Slateport City
Speciality Undeclared, possibly cosmology


Star Spoiler warning: Beginning here are "spoiling" details that may relate to the story plot and/or contain plot surprises. Star


Tate Elek Williams also called Brainy (or other similar names, see below) by is twin sister, is a minor character in a few stories but a major character in PetraShipping.

As of December 2009, he is married to Roxanne ("Roxie").


He was born to Rachel and Jin Williams on October 12, 1989, he has a twin sister named Liza. He was apparently born after her, as she says to him. He was born and raised in Mossdeep and has been there all of his life.


He is shown to be hyper (opposite of Liza), witty, cunning, down-to-earth, helpful, knowledgeable, diligent, eccentric, etc. However, he can be stubborn and adamant.

He has gained several nicknames by Liza, including: Brainy, Brains, Sunshine, Willy, Tatey, Tattoo, Etat, Kele, Mr. Crazy, SmartElek, Alex, Date, Fate, Kate, Rate, Shark Bait, Plate, Tate the Great, Skates, etc.; anything ending in "-ate" or "-ill".

Pokémon he hasEdit

Sunny Ronny Clay
Solrock Rotom BaltoyClaydol
Gael Bendoit Eric
RaltsKirliaGallade BronzorBronzong EeveeEspeon
Rexana Francois [2]
SlowpokeSlowking SpearowFearow

Diseases he suffers fromEdit

He seems to suffer from ADHD, even though it seems to be under control.

Roxie kicked him in the crotch; it hurt him enough that he began to limp. He had to go to the nurses' office at his college and get an ice pack for it [3].


His mother is Rachel, his father is Jin and his twin sister is Liza. He is related to Lucian's family and distantly relate to Caldecutt family.

Relationships with othersEdit

He apparently had a girlfriend briefly. He is currently married to Roxanne. He loves Liza with a passion. He also cares about Aaron just as much.


  1. (Because of his grandfather)
  2. Given to him from his mother
  3. PetraShipping, chapter 1

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