Biographical Information
Born May 29, 1949
Status Alive
Also Known As Siôr Rowan
Physical Description
Age 35 (in Radiant Ace),
54 (in the anime),
60 (in Stanford and Lucian, M.D.)

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Gender Male
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Father Joshua
Mother Tabitha
Brother Half-brother: Samuel
Son Émile, Gage
Female cousin
Male cousin
Spouse Ex-wife: Lucinda;
fiancée: Bertha
Occupation Studying the evolution of Pokémon
Title Professor, M.S.
Story Debut
Chapter Debut Stanford; Bertha; Lucian, MD; Radiant Ace
Last Appearance

Siôr 'Rowan' Caldecutt aka Professor Rowan is the father of Émile and Gage. He is shown to be gruff and tough, but really, is actually very nice. He gives out starters to new trainers, however, he does have his own Pokémon. His first Pokémon was Aurora, an Empoleon he had since he was about eight.

His personal quote is: "Research has many rewards." His height is 6'4" and his weight is 200 lbs. His ancestry is English, Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch, Canadian, French, etc. and his accent is described as being slightly German and mostly American.



He is shown to be gruff, ruthful and tough. However, he can be very nice, especially to kids and new trainers.

Pokémon he hasEdit

As shown in Lucian, M.D. and Stanford:

Aurora Terris
PiplupPrinplupEmpoleon TurtwigGrotleTorterra
Infer Arlie
ChimcharMonfernoInfernape StarlyStaraviaStaraptor
Toxi Robbie
CroagunkToxicroak RotomHeat Rotom

Currently at his labEdit

Dendro Astur Shaw Chatty Regirock
CroagunkToxicroak Shiny StarlyShiny StaraviaShiny Staraptor TreeckoGrovyleSceptile ChatotLorichat Regirock
Björk Charity Blacky Janet
EeveeLeafeon CERBERUS (6) Luxray Salamence
Prince Brenton Sylvan Lachlan Sir William CJ Pom Stella Rónán
Piplup Chimchar Turtwig Rhyhorn RaltsKirliaGallade Shiny male Gible Aipom Shinx EeveeGlaceon
Remy Luc Khloe Yvon Pierre Hyacinth Sacha Fergie
Rotom BronzorBronzong ZubatGolbatCrobat File:Yanma.pngYanmega File:Porygon.pngFile:Porygon2.pngPorygon-Z HippopotasHippowdon Stunky SpearowFearow



He has two sons: Émile and Gage. His parents are deceased and his wife left him, however. The only thing he has left that are in the immediate are his two sons, his half-brother Samuel, his grandchildren: Marie, Stanford and Jade but also his great-grandchild: Jasper. He has a cousin named Chad, whom is younger than him. He also has two nephews named Gaël and Albin and two nieces named Sheena and Mitternacht.

He is also related to the Duke of Wellington, but it is unclear as to which one, however, but maybe the first and he is also related to King Louis XVI of France.

Siôr's researchEdit

On electric type mammalsEdit

He recently (in fact, about two months ago or eight months ago in our time) that electric type mammals such as Luxio and Jolteon send electrical pulses through the ground. The exact reason for this is unknown, but it is probably used to conduct electricity better. They feel the ground differently than most Pokémon. Water also dissipates when they step on the ground. He discovered it when he was studying wild Luxios - he saw the ground spark beneath their feet from recent dew. Quote, Siôr, June 2008:

"My initial response was 'amazing'. I had never seen anything quite like this before. I knew that Luxios send messages via their claws [when they touch each other] but I had no idea they sent electrical impulses when walking, too. I knew got shocked by this, though. I have no idea the cause and the reason behind this, though. More research is needed."

He also concluded it's possible that other electric types do this as well.

Caldecutt coa Caldecutt family Caldecutt coa
Name means
(English) Caldecott or Caldecot / Caldecote = the Cold Cot (a name for a fireless, wayside shelter) [Old English cald / ceald, cold + cot, a cottage] see here more info here
1st generation SiôrLucindaSamuel (half-brother)
2nd generation ÉmileGageJadyn (Gage's wife) • Cassidy (only related to Stan by blood)
3rd generation StanfordMarie (Stan's wife) • Jade
4th generation Jasper
Cousins, etc. (2nd) Mitternacht (Émile's cousin) • Gaël (aka Prof. Birch, Siôr's nephew) • Chad (cousin) • Albin (aka Prof. Elm, Siôr's nephew)
Cousins, etc. (3rd) Sheena (Émile's cousin twice removed)
Misc. Duke of Wellington, King Louis XVI of France
NOTE: They are related to the Victor/Theophilus family due to Siôr's one-night stand with Carolina.

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