Season: 3 Chapter: 51
Total Chapter Count: 77
First Aired: Jan. 30, 2010

Writers: Michelle Hellstern

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Plot: Shootout is the fifty-first chapter of Stanford.

Main events

  • Stan allows Jake to own Jacob. Jake promotes him to First Grade Detective because of that.
  • Everyone walks outside and lets everyone out. Tory takes the bullets out of Charity's leg and Astur's wing.
  • Cassidy, Marie and Jade come back. Jade and Tory start to fall in love...
  • However, when no one was paying attention someone was requesting backup at their lab. Everyone except Marie, Jade, Jake and Tory stayed.
  • They arrive only to find a man down. They start shooting at the opposing force until the SWAT team arrives. Émile saves Detective Ace Blackwood's life.
  • Two of the shooters on the opposite had died, two were arrested and two had escaped. They apparently went back to the IP's lab. Everyone had to go back. Jake prepares everyone and they get ready for the hijacking.
  • Detective Little and Blackwater decided they wanted to work for Émile/Jake. Jake later agrees.
  • Émile and Cassidy end up shooting the last two of the hijackers.
  • The day ends with everyone satisfied.



  • Stanford
  • Émile
  • Siôr
  • Jake
  • Tory
  • Marie
  • Jade
  • Rico


  • Detective Ivan Little
  • Detective Ace Blackwood
  • Beau
  • Rachel


  • Beau
  • Rachel
  • Detective Ivan Little
  • Detective Ace Blackwater
  • Breezy
  • Draco
  • Florine


  • Everyone's Pokémon


  • Unknown assault rifles
  • Glock 21


  • CSI: NY episode labelled "Snow Day": The two hijacking the lab is somewhat a reference to it.
  • NCIS episode labelled "Probie": Émile telling Stan not to be afraid of shooting is a reference to Gibbs telling McGee not to be afraid to shoot when someone else's [your] life is in danger.
  • Grey's Anatomy reference: Jake walking in to Beau and Rachel having sex is somewhat a reference to a Grey's Anatomy episode.


  • Tory seems to love fruit.
  • Émile seems to eat a lot of rigatoni. He also sleeps in his office because of personal reasons. So does Jake and Rico.

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