Émile's Sceptile aka Shaw is his fourth Pokémon. Shaw was caught as a Treecko. The Treecko was being attacked by a Starly. He caught the Starly along with the Treecko. He is shown to be loyal and helpful, and loves to battle. Shaw sometimes helps him carry groceries.[1]

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Shaw Story stats:
Species Sceptile
Sex Male
Age About 20
Caught at Route 101
Evolved into From Treecko: Unknown, but prior to chapter 23 of Stanford.

From Grovyle: Unknown, but prior to chapter 23 of Stanford.

Ability Overgrow
Debuts in Stanford, chapter 23: "The truth is out!"
Current location With Émile

Moves knownEdit

Moves known
Move Shown in
Solarbeam Chapter 26 [2]
Sunny Day
Thunder Punch
Bullet Seed