Chapter 1

It is shown that she shoots a poacher, usually people get arrested for murdering people; however, there is a law in Unova that allows people to kill poachers.

Chapter 2

She quits her job and meets Macy. She also borrowed Macy's shower and bought a house from her.

Chapter 3

She catches a Rufflet that evolves in Braviary. She also faints, in order to protect herself from a pack of hounds attacking her; and she burns a tree and makes it her home.

Chapter 4

The next day, she creates a numbering system after her last name (P numbers). Saunders also rapes Macy as well as her again, because they got shocked trying to help P1 ("Crescent").

Chapter 5

Eventually, she finds out her partner moves to Johto in order to study Pokémon eggs. She also catches a Blitzle foal named Night.

Chapter 6

She writes a letter to Albin and Saunders surprises her; causing her to stab him. She later arrested for attempted murder, but the charges are dropped/expunged after the police find out it was just self-defence.

Chapter 7

She also confesses that she is starting to fall in love with Macy and the three end up getting shocked by Zekrom because the ground was wet.

Chapter 8

Zekrom gives them the ability to understand Pokémon. Later, she drops off her letter and goes to the local library and ends up meeting Yanick, an INTERPOL officer. He later cooks a dinner for her and after she returns to the herd, a Druddigon attacks it, causing Rosy's hooves to break; Cobalion also appears to protect Rosy. She catches Rosy for this reason.

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Black Mustang


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