The real world is a world that includes humans as well as animals.

"Professor, how come I can't look?"

"Because, a gentleman never reads spoilers unless he must."

In StanfordEdit

Chapter 71Edit

In chapter 71, many of the characters including Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera arrived in the real world, in the United Kingdom.

A scared and confused Charizard attacked them as well as a confused Druddigon. Sherwood managed to calm the scared Druddigon. The gang finds out that René is there too.

They all get arrested, however; René comes up with a plan to get them out. She lets out her Unfezant, named Swiftwing.

Chapter 72Edit

René, Sherwood, Mac, Stella, and Émile all try and look for Jasper, who was missing. They eventually find him, however; he has an allergic reaction to shrimp. René finds an EpiPen and it helps him to recover.

Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Celebi, Darkrai, Cresselia and Shaymin all appear to help the gang in the real world.

The rest of the chapter concludes with a flashback told by Émile.

Chapter 73Edit

Émile's flashback is cut short when Terrakion, Virizion and Cobalion all appear. René asks where Keldeo is, and Cobalion says they don't know where he is.

Chapter 74Edit

Émile smells something, and everyone follows him to a room, where he sees Janet. They all return their Pokémon. They decided to look for the Train Crew's Ampharos when an alarm goes off.

Everyone hops onto the backs of Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion, until Jasper commands Darkrai to use Dark Void, the bad men fall asleep.

Chapter 75Edit

Émile continues his flashback, but eventually stops when he heard a familiar voice. He sees it's his best friend, Yanick aka Clay. He was strapped to a chair, René uses Swiftwing to untie him from some ropes.

Émile tells the legendaries to move on, so he could talk to his friend.

Chapter 76Edit

It is briefly seen before Clay continues the flashback.

Chapter 81Edit

Émilie finds herself in the real world. She lets her Sawsbuck, Italus out. She finds out that it's winter, instead of fall.

The others eventually step out of the jailhouse. Sadly, some of the bad men tase everyone, causing everyone to soil themselves. Before the men could arrest them, Italus knocks them out with Double Kick.

Émilie comments on how everyone smells horrible, Émile comments about the same thing, when a new person shows up. She introduces herself as Pepper. She claims that she can't smell because she used to work with chemicals that destroyed her sense of smell.

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