The Pokémon world is a world that includes humans as well as Pokémon.

"Professor, how come I can't look?"

"Because, a gentleman never reads spoilers unless he must."

In StanfordEdit

In Stanford, the Pokémon world is the basis for many of the chapters. However, characters such as Mac Taylor, and Stella Bonasera were transported through a portal that lead from the real world to the Pokémon world.

Stan suggests Émile should show a Pokémon. He lets out his Persian, Precious. They only gasped.

Jasper lets out his Pikachu, Phyllis. Much to their surprise, they seem to recognise Pikachu, which is a popular Pokémon in the real world.

Émile explains to them that they're in a region called Sinnoh. After about an hour of explaining the Pokémon world, Mac and Stella seem to agree.

They decide go to Veilstone instead of Route 216. Émile promises that they won't fall off the various Pokémon as they're flying to Snowpoint.

They eventually reach Snowpoint. Before heading to the Ampharos Train, they eat lunch. After lunch, they hop on the train.

Mac and Stella watch the Luxray in awe. They decided to leave the train crew alone. After they sit down, Émile asks what it's like in their world. Stella explains that they have animals, but they lack powers; however, they have camouflage and typically eat animals. She also explains that some animals, like the bald eagle, are protected by the law. Jasper takes out his Pokédex, showing them a Braviary. They seem to be interested in it.

They eventually make it to the Interpol office, in Veilstone. Émile shows Mac and Stella his office. Later, Émile and Jake battle, to show them how battling works.

The next day, Mac asks if they have wifi, which is something found in the real world. Émile says yes. Mac notices something's wrong in the real world, and asks Émile if he wants to team up with him.

Émile describes a dream he had with Arceus. Mac, curious, wonders what Arceus is. Mac also asks Émile if he has had any vaccines, the reply surprises him, as the Pokémon world seems to share many of the diseases found in the real world.

Émile offers Mac and Stella a chance to catch a Pokémon! Mac eventually catches his first Pokémon, with the help of Sapphira.

Later, they eventually find a lady named Pepper Swift. It turned out she was from Unova, but fell through a portal and ended up in the real world. Émilie and Jasper were wondering how she knew that Émilie's Pokémon was a Sawsbuck. The answer surprised them.

A few chapters later, they meet another detective, named Peyton Driscoll. She, along with Mac and Stella, decided to stay in the Pokémon world, as they were criminals in the real world. They end up going to Undella Town.

Locations in the Pokémon worldEdit

There are several locations, including Veilstone City, Castelia City, Lumiose City and many others.

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