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He later meets Cynthia when he was twenty-one. The two battled each other to see who would be the Champion. Cynthia won and that caught his heart. The two got to fully know each other and they slowly began to love each other. Eight months later, they married.


Part OneEdit

Lucian as a Buizel

As a Buizel.

In part one, he finds out he has children, named Alexa ("Lexi") and Rex. He is shocked by this, nearly vomiting and fainting. The same day, he finds out that Cynthia had a daughter, named Crina.[7].

In part one, he keeps getting captured by Cyrus. Cyrus turned him into a Buizel, using his Buizel's DNA. He later finds out, by his Buizel, that the DNA from it travels up to his brain and nestled in between the brain cells - hence, he's part Pokemon - this is why almost all of his senses are heightened.[8]

Part 2Edit

He becomes the Champion, Cynthia let him win.[9] He also brainwashes Cyrus by hypnotising him and forcing him to resign his position.[10] He nearly gets raped by a sadistic Purugly and nearly mutilated his groin; he called it a "vasectomy", even though he already got one 6 years before.[11]

Part 3Edit

He is severely attacked by a Weavile that slices his stomach all the way down to his genitals. He somehow survives this attack [23]. Cynthia later gives birth to a Pokemorph son when he made love and somehow... it happened. His new son's nickname is "Chomp" [24]. The main Weavile in the group that attacked him broke his switchblade in half, but Byron saw it and fixed it [25].

Part 4Edit

Cynthia and Lucian's bodies became switched after they both had an odd, lucid dream [26], they set off to look for Jirachi on top of Mount Coronet. It turns out it was Arceus's fault [27] - she teleports them to the top of the mountain. A huge group of Floatzel with a Glaceon minion attacked them in the same chapter. It turns out he pulls the muscles in both legs. Just because the two saw Arceus, and they escaped, the Floatzel decided to make them their leaders [28]. They help the, fight the "Red Feathers", a group of rogue Weavile [29]. In the next chapter, the buckskin Rapidash Cadeyrn, is shown to love poetry; so Cynthia and him recite it to Cadeyrn. Storic falls to the ground next, causing Lucian to break Cynthia's arm after he fell flat-faced onto the ground [30]. In the same chapter, Flint appears out of nowhere and it turns out Cadeyrn is close to death... In the next chapter, it turns out Cadeyrn was possessed by a Spiritomb, but he faints after Giratina helped them. Flint decided to leave to help him. They managed to meet Leon, a reborn Lumineon [31]. They meet Jirachi in the next chapter. Flint soon returns [32]; Lucian's genitals began to hurt... The two soon met Uxie [33]; Cyrus ends up meeting up with everyone and Lucian diagnosis him with cirrhosis (scarring of the liver, basically), and Lucian was diagnosed with orchitis (inflammation of the testicles). Almost everyone he knew visits him in the hospital.

Special chaptersEdit
  • Chapter 80 - revolves around Lucian meeting Ash, Dawn and Brock.
  • Chapter 82 - revolves around Cynthia, same as before (but Paul, too).

Part 5Edit

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