List of records set by any species of Pokémon.

Organs/body parts

  • Longest neck: Goes to Rayquaza at 12'.
  • Longest wingspan: Goes to Ho-Oh, at 8-10'.
  • Longest horns or antlers: Goes to Stantler. They are usually about 18", but the world record is 36".
  • Largest Pokémon: Goes to Wailord - at 47'. Steelix ties with 30'; Onix with 28' and Rayquaza with 23'.
  • Longest Pokémon: Goes to Wailord and Rayquaza, both about 50' long.
  • Heaviest Pokémon: Goes to Groudon at 2094.4 lbs.


  • Largest eyes: Goes to Lugia at 8".
  • Largest brain: Goes to the Wailord - at 50 lbs.
  • Largest vein: Goes to Rayquaza's inferior vena cava with a diameter of 9.6".
  • Largest internal organ: Goes to Wailord, its liver is 20 lbs.
  • Longest nerve: Goes to Dialga's sciatic nerve, at 28".
  • Longest muscle: Goes to Dialga's sartorius (a muscle in the leg) at 15".
  • Longest penis: Goes to Wailord, its penis can be 12-20" long, and the circumference is 10".
  • Longest penis compared to body size: According to Lucian, Farfetch'd holds this record, its penis is 12", about half its body size. However, a scientist in Kanto discovered a Farfetch'd with a penis that was 16" - more than half its body.
  • Largest heart: Goes to Wailord at 50 lbs.
  • Longest (single) bone: Goes to Dialga's tibia, at 34".


  • Oldest: Goes to most legendaries at millions of years old.
  • Largest family: Canidae at about 30 (sub)species.
  • Most diseases-ridden: Scientists discovered that undercooked Majikarp have about 300 species of bacteria, 40 species of viruses, 5 species of fungi, 50 species of worms (including tape, and round), and 400 species of protists (including amoeboids).