It is based on Oklahoma but the cities are named after places in Gloucestershire (places in bold have gyms, places with asterisks mean the cities are connected):


Route 507

Route 508


Stow-on-the-Wold Park (like Amity Square in Hearthome)

Avening Valley

English Stones


Forest of Dean

Cleeve Hill

Route 509

Bourton-on-the-Water* (see town below)

Shadwell* (see town above)

Belas Knap

Route 510

Route 511

Gloucester* (largest and main city; see town below)

Moreton-in-Marsh* (see city above)

Air Route (1)

Friday Island North* (the only way to get there is via plane, flying and/or water type)

Friday Island South* (the two cities are connected; both have gyms)

Air Route (2)

Pokémon League (the only wat to get there is via plane, flying and/or water type)

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