Persons' Name in the anime Persons' new name given by me Pronunciation, if needed Origin or English equivalent/related names Nicknames Last name Reason
Saturn Stanford STAN-ferd From Old English meaning "stone ford"; Stan, Stanley Stan, Lil Bro/Cuz [1], Cass Caldecutt Who names their kid Saturn? I reckon Cyrus named him that.
Mars Marie mah-REE (German pron.) Czech and French form of Maria or Mary Maria [2], otherwise, she has none Caldecutt, née Regard Same as above.
Jupiter Jade JAYD Spanish (piedra de la) ijada meaning "(stone of the) flank" (people thought jade could cure colic); Giada, Jada, Jaida, Jayda or Jayde Big Sis/Cuz [3] Abbey Same
Looker Émile ay-MEEL French form of Aemilius, which means rival; Emil, Emily (sorta) Dad [4], Dakota [5] Caldecutt Looker sounds like a nickname someone gave him at his work
Professor Rowan Siôr SHOR Welsh form of George, which in turn means "farmer", "earthworker"; Georg, Gina, Gigi, Jurgen, etc. Siôr [6], 'Rowan' is just a nickname. Caldecutt He wasn't given a first name anywhere. I made up the fact that 'Rowan' is just his nickname.
Charon Paul (this was before his name was changed) PAWL (English pron.) Paulus, which meant "small" or "humble" in Latin; Pablo, Paulie, Pauline, Paulette, Pavel, etc. Old Man Paul [7] Claes Same as everyone else.
Crasher Wake Ty TIE short form any names that start with "Ty"; Tyler, Tyson, Tyrone, Sid, etc. Ty [8] Rose It sounds like a nickname given, if he was a wrestler. Rose is a popular last name.


  1. addressed by Jade
  2. when Stanford is singing 'My Maria' to her
  3. addressed by Stan
  4. addressed by Stan
  5. addressed by his brother, Gage
  6. only by people that really know him well, like Lucian/Cynthia
  7. Addressed by Stan, Jade and Marie
  8. Addressed by his best friends

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