Several laws have been set up to protect Pokémon. Every region has the same laws, but may have variations.

In every regionEdit

  • 1. Pokémon are not to be eaten, unless:
    • 1A: It sacrifices itself to you;
    • 1B: It's an emergency (although, see 1A);
  • 2. Pokémon are not slaves. They must never be overworked;
  • 3. Pokémon must never be raped or touched inappropriately;
    • 3A: Unless the Pokémon has given consent;
    • 3B: Unless the Pokémon is in a science-related lecture;
  • 4. Pokémon shall never be killed by humans;
    • 4A: Unless it is suffering, it may need to be put down;
    • 4B: Unless it willingly sacrifices itself. See #1;
  • 5. Pokémon shall never be tortured under any circumstance;
  • 6. Pokémon shall never be experimented on;
    • 6A: Unless it has given permission;
    • 6B: Unless it is a valid scientific-related experiment;
      • 6B1: This does not include torturing them in any way, including shooting them, dosing them with medications that could potentially harm them or exposing them to radiation.

In UnovaEdit

1. Poachers may be shot at any time without contest, see #4.

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