Francis Connolly (birth name: Agnes) is the mother of Cassidy Caldecutt. She is mentioned throughout Stanford but wasn't physically seen until chapter 87, when Cassidy returned to Kalos.


Before Cassidy's PastEdit

In Cassidy's PastEdit

His name was changed to Francis Bourgeois to help protect her identity because of the criminal mess her son got into.


Francis is a tough, down-to-earth, simple woman. When her son got into legal trouble, and when she found out, she was shown to be quiet and say much of anything. She seems to love children, like his wife, which both decided to try and adopt Emma.

Pokémon she hasEdit

Alix has none of her own, but she takes care of Fluffy while Cassidy is away.

676Furfrou Dream

676Furfrou Diamond Dream
Main article: Fluffy

Fluffy is Cassidy's first Pokémon. Fluffy was given to her as a present, when she was a small child. He mainly lives in Kalos, with Alix and her.

Debut Return to Kalos!

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