Part: One
Chapter: Forty-seven
No. of words: 3,359
Writer, creator: Michelle Hellstern
Previous chapter: And the threat continues
Next chapter: Gut feeling

Star Spoiler warning: Beginning here are "spoiling" details that may relate to the story plot and/or contain plot surprises. Star


Fatigue is the forty-seventh chapter of Stanford.

Main eventsEdit

  • A Cerberuss nearly attacks them.
  • They also collapse because of fatigue, hence the name of the chapter.
  • Émile is shot and a bullet grazes his side.
  • He falls out of a tree only to see Stan, Ash and Dawn.
  • The four continue, only to be confronted by another Havoc bastard. A grenade the person unpinned went off, but they escaped in time.
  • Émile tells a flashback how he saved Rico's life.





  • Glock 21
  • Knife
  • Beretta 8045 Cougar F
  • two SIG P220s
  • Grenade, most likely a M69




  • Émile has two ankle holsters.
  • Rico kisses Émile on the mouth while he tries to perform mouth-to-mouth to him; meaning that Rico still loves him.



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