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Scientific classification Red Pencil Icon
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Suborder: Caniformia
Kretzoi, 1943



Caniformia, or Canoidea (literally "dog-like"), is a suborder within the order Carnivora. They typically possess a long snout and non-retractile claws (in contrast to the cat-like carnivores, the Feliformia). The Pinnipedia (Spheal, Sealeo and Walrein) evolved from caniform ancestors and are accordingly assigned to this group. Most members of this group have non-retractile claws (a few have retractable or semi-retractable claws) and tend to be plantigrade (with the exception of Canidae). Other traits that separate Caniformia from Feliformia is that caniforms have longer jaws and have more teeth, with less specialized carnassial teeth. They also tend more towards omnivorous and opportunistic feeding, while the feliforms are more specialized for eating meat. Caniforms have single-chambered or partially divided auditory bullae, composed of a single bone, while in feliforms the auditory bullae are double-chambered, composed of two bones joined by a septum.



Canidae Stoutland Dream Mightyena Dream Zorua Dream Lucario Dream



Ursidae Beartic Dream


Enaliarctidae 50px





OdobenidaeWalrein Dream


Ailuridae 50px





MustelidaeDewott Dream



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